We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin. Please read the blog for James’ answer, or watch our video below:

Many products come in a vast array of colours. This means the choice of standard stock colours across the entire product selection of branded merchandise is vast. Colour variations will also be visible given that products are made by multiple sources across the world.

So when it comes to trying to match a product to a company’s branding colours, this is when an in depth consultation needs to take place.

As you will see below, something like a foldable water bottle can have very subtle differences when put against a notebook of similar colour. The questions to ask here  are, ” are either or both of these colours good enough for that campaign? They are two very different materials, so is this colour difference too big?’



If we felt the colour difference was too much, we would put forward other options. That might take the form of an item that has a coloured trim. A pen is a good example as they come in a range of colours, and offer a neutral base colour that can take the branding well.

If the brand colours were more royal blue, you could go for the white base colour and add the brand, and it has the blue trim. Or you can reverse that, and go for an all blue pen which will clearly stand out but will then take your print in white.


Colours are very emotional. When you’ve invested so much time on your branding, you clearly want to ensure its applied correctly. The colour and product choice is vast, so more often than not, there will be an item that matches your brand colours. But there are options and it’s always worth having that chat to see what you really want to achieve.

Pantone match products

So another area to look at is pantone match products. These are becoming more and more common place in our sector as technological advancements take place. This allows products to be an exact pantone match to your brand colours.


These might come at a slightly higher price or there might be some minimum quantity requirements but it is certainly worth considering given how much effort you will have been to, to make sure that branding is right for your company and activity.

So just to summarise, there are always options with regards to product colours. There might be ever so slight subtle variations in terms of different materials, manufacturing bases or products, but it’s worth investing that time really early, with a company like ours, to ensure that your choice is absolutely spot on. Whether you use a neutral product with your brand colour, or go with a coloured product, we will work with you to ensure it really matches well.

Please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]