We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin.  These questions have been answered in a series of blogs as well as videos which is available for you to view.

The way to look at what you should be putting on a branded item is dependent on that initial brief.

What is your message?

So, is your message a clear one? Is it a simple one? Or is it quite detailed?  Depending on the answers to these questions, we can work up products that can take the required information, ensuring it is displayed effectively for your clients.

Are you an established company or a new business?

So are you an established company that’s looking to contact their existing customer base with a brand reminder? Or, are you a new business that’s wanting to get in touch with people who have never heard of you before?  These are two very different objectives.

With a company looking to touch base with its existing clients, achieving this goal might be a simple reminder of the brand, where they are based and how to contact them.  For a company that’s wanting to gain brand exposure to a new client base, this could be a very different challenge.

It might be you want to achieve more exposure for the products and services of your business.  So in this instance, you could promote your unique selling points.  It could be phone number rather than email. Or it could simply be a phone number plus a website address to allow that person to go away and research your brand and service.

So an example of a potential product would be something like the GDock which is a fantastic item that can be sent out in the post or given away at exhibitions.



The GDock is a brilliant way to get your brand in front of your customer all day. This handy stand will hold a variety of mobile devices, smart phones and e-readers. The large branding area is perfect for carrying all your contact details and you can put great imagery onto this product.  Images may be your products, your people, your premises, a statement of your usp’s and what services you provide.  Another option is to add a calendar making it not only a more useful item for that customer but something they would have in their sight during their working day.


The desktop is a fantastic retail space and worth considering putting your brand on.  This could be a simple coaster, a product that is low cost, can be full colour branded and is a really useful product for a desk.

PVC Coaster

Pvc Coaster


Another example could be a desk top set with a calendar.  Here we have a combination product.  Not only can each page of the calendar be branded, but so too can the outside cover.  It also has some useful sticky note pads and index tabs.


CalendarPod Midi featuring the Duo Pen



Moving away from the desk top, any exposure you can get out of the office is also fantastic.  Umbrellas are hugely popular in the British climate.  A geeky fact for you – when a person is looking at an umbrella, they would only see a maximum of 3 panels in their eye line.  So, make sure your branding is cleverly placed around the umbrella.

Fibrestorm golf umbrella


Water bottles

Water bottles are another popular product as people are increasingly conscious of drinking enough water during the day.   Products such as the Baseline bottle or Bowe bottle have a really strong brand area all the way around.  These bottles not only allow you to put your logo on them including some contact details, but also additional messaging. That could be a quote or some statistics on how much water you should be drinking during the day as an adult.

Bowe drinks bottle


A product can be really cleverly worked on in terms of how much information you should or shouldn’t put on there.  Something could be really subtle.  Or equally you can take advantage of a full branding area to actually add some value to that user.  And it doesn’t just have to be your logo.

That obviously is the objective with your contact details but it can be something really helps that client when they are using that product.

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