We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin. Please read the blog for James’ answer, or watch our video below:

This is a really great question and one we get asked it a lot… what’s the most popular product?

The pen

The pen is clearly going to be the most popular product because it’s an item that people potentially use at home or at work on a daily basis. They are also low cost and can be easily branded with a call to action. From a marketing perspective, given a branded pen’s low value, a company could afford to take a more scattergun approach with mass volume give-aways.


Senator® Dart Polished Plastic Ballpen

It’s said that a pen has four owners on average in its lifetime; so there’s scope to suggest that the pen also offers additional brand exposure. However what might work for one campaign, might not work for another. Sometimes what seems to be a really popular item, just isn’t right for the audience or market your company is trying to attract.


So bags are really popular too. With recent changes to legislation whereby people are now charged for bags at retail outlets, companies are offering branded carrier bags as an opportunity to engage with their clients. As well as being a really useful product, it also saves their customer money and has great eco-credentials.

You’ve also a great variety of styles to choose from. There’s the natural cotton shopper bags and the non-woven poly prop bags that have that eco credentials.


100% Natural 5oz cotton shopper

So to sum up, pens are clearly going to be one of the most popular product areas but we review every client’s needs and work with them to find the right product at the right price that best suits their marketing activity.

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