We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin. Please read the blog for James’ answer, or watch our video below:

So when we look at branded merchandise we are aware that this is one of the tactics that marketers employ to promote and advertise their brand. What we can strongly show is that branded merchandise has that longevity with regard to the person that has received the item and is using it.

So we know how powerful promotional products can be based on how long items are often kept for, and how those products act as a reminder of your products and services to the person who is in receipt of them.

When compared to other forms of advertising the BPMA have canvased marketing decision makers and they have shown that:


We are hard wired to emotionally respond when we receive a gift.  Promotional items have a cost association and the simple act of giving, be it free branded merchandise, triggers a similar reaction. So, branded merchandise is a fantastic tactic to employ in order to engage and interact with your client base.

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