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Well putting it simply, branded merchandise is awesome….

Products that carry a branding can be a highly effective tactic when part of a well executed marketing campaign. Choose the right and relevant product and the person will keep it (and use it) for an incredible amount of time. When your customer or prospective customer needs your product or service, your branded product should be within their sight or reach as they’re making that key decision.

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Branded items gain that brand loyalty.  How you may ask?  Well that’s because when an item is useful and can actually improve someone’s working day, you are gaining trust with that brand. There are some great statistics put together by our trade association the BPMA which shows how branded merchandise can affect marketers and end users.


So in summary, branded merchandise can be one of the most powerful tools you can use within your marketing activity. They allow you to put products in your client’s hands, carrying your branding, the call to action whether that be your phone number, website or email.  And it allows that product to be in sight of that client when they need your product and service.

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