promotional yo yo are the print area, the choice of colours and the price point : Print Area There are obviously two faces to the promotional yo yo. Each can be printed with the same or different messages, allowing multiple messages, logos or branding to be used to maximum effect. There is no longer a restriction to spot colour print work either on the yo yo’s, with full colour process print possible either directly onto the white version, or if a coloured promotional yo yo is preferred, then this can also be achieved using a full colour process label. There is true print flexibility in this product. Choice of Colours White promotional yo yo’s are obviously a popular choice given they take most print colours or combinations and allow the branding to stand out. However there are several standard colours that the yo yo now comes in allowing a product to match corporate colours and add a little colour to an event or exhibition stand. Price Point Fitting neatly into the budget price range, the promotional yo yo is more than affordable in reasonably low quantities and comes in at under £0.60 per unit from 500 units. For a promotional product that will receive a good lifetime of usage, possibly having more than one owner and gaining hundreds of impressions along the way, this is a fantastic value for money product. The final area to think about when considering the promotional yo yo, is the fact that these days it can be produced using recycled material, providing the opportunity to tie the branding in with the importance of recycling and reducing waste. There are a great deal of low value promotional items to consider, many of which have great features and value added options, and one of the ones that ticks all the boxes is the promotional yo yo. Should you wish to discuss this or any other promotional gift idea, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing Sales team on 0114 2754150 for prices, samples and ideas]]>