wrist rest, which usually has a raised feature to the mat allowing a comfortable mousing position and less stress on certain parts of the wrist and hand. The first support to consider is the keyboard rest, a long thick soft wrist rest laid out in front of the user’s keyboard where the hands rest during typing. This has a fantastic print area and can be branded up to full colour process.  There are 2 sizes depending on the preference, either 95mm deep or 70mm. Moving onto mousemat support solutions, the first option to consider is the rectangular softmat with integrated foam wrist support. The tactile nature of the spongy softmat surface is very popular and this mat, like others can be printed in up to full colour process. The final area to consider is the oval / egg shaped matrests, which are available in a number of material finishes. These all come with a gel filled wrist support integrated into the design to promote correct mousing and reduce fatigue and the risk of RSI. The four finishes that this style of wrist rest come in are firstly the textile top surface with rubber base, the hard top with foam base and there is also an aqua version. The textile-topped mat boasts 100% optical mouse performance whilst the others in the range have wipe clean, non fraying properties.  The aqua mat rest also has the novelty factor of 2 liquid colours and the ability to add glitter and floating shapes to catch the eye. The promotional wristrest product range provides great, choice, fantastic branding options and something that promotes a healthier working environment.  Should you require any samples, prices or simply a discussion of the options available, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 275 4150 for more information.]]>