Umbrellas can form part of our daily lives and it is always worth having one to hand just in case a sudden downpour catches you out. As with many items, an umbrella is something that were it not given, would almost certainly be purchased.  Therefore this is one item, subject to budget availability, that will be very well received, certainly used and will be a lasting reminder of your brand or service. The first consideration is to narrow down the choice that is available in this product range. As with most product areas, there is a good deal of production in the Far East, which has led to more models, colours, printing techniques as well as lower price points across most umbrellas.  Due to the lead times from China, there is still production in the UK and this does still account for a large proportion of umbrella sales given that as a client base, the market does demand lower lead times.  Should time be available, and by this delivery can be 6-8 weeks, then some great prices can be achieved on the pricier products. In terms of models these fall quite neatly into three categories. At the lower end are the budget umbrellas, that don’t provide too much storm proofing but will do a job of keeping the user dry. These usually have fixed and standard panel colours and screen-printing is the same as it would be on pretty much all umbrellas. Full colour process is not possible. Moving up in price, and you start to see the quality and products that will have a longer lifespan. Popular lines include the Bedford (UK made) and others such as the lower end fiberglass options with limited panel colour choice. Finally at the top end price levels come umbrellas such as the Spectrum Sport and the Probrella – both competing hard for the top spot. Both have great colour choice of materials, matching handles and shafts and are storm proof. Printing methods are great on umbrellas, normal print areas on all models can be around A4 in size and it would be advisable to print alternate panels to ensure your logo is visable to people when in use. Newer techniques now allow full panel printing and full colour process, which can provide some great visually stunning results. Umbrellas can be a valuable Promotional tool. It is truly a product that the more you spend, the better quality and longer lasting product you will receive. Choosing the right option is very important and our dedicated sales team at Steel City Marketing can be contacted on 0114 2754150 and will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.]]>