When considering which promotional or business gifts to select, it is often a good idea to look at an item that the recipient will make regular use of. Promotional torches are a great idea that will fit the bill. They wont necessarily have daily usage, but the product will be kept, stored and act as a reminder of your branding, product or service for a considerable length of time. There is a great choice of promotional torches and the various colours, styles and range in general is constantly evolving. Promotional torches can be found to meet any budget from the lower value products that are generally purchased to provide a simple cost effective brand reminder to a larger audience. Often the lower priced products are in the form of a keyring, but equally these can be small to medium sized hand held promotional torches.  Moving up the price range and the quality of promotional torches is clear to see. Most products will then more likely be LED’s, providing a product with an even longer lifetime. Often metallic, the medium to higher priced promotional torches will be a more robust product, will be able to take tougher treatment and will possibly suit certain industry recipients such as the construction client base. At the high end of the promotional torches price range you will find brand named products such as Maglite or LED Lenser, which are truly stunning torches. These are heavyweight metal and can be branded by engraving (often to multiple positions). The colour choice in the Maglite range of promotional torches in particular is fantastic and there are numerous products to choose from such as the smaller Maglite Solitaire Torch right up to the Maglite 2D cell torch. Lenser also produces some quality products, with certain products available in more than one colour. These are the torches approved by the police due to the beam brightness and how tough they are. Promotional Torches are not so much an item to consider for a direct mail campaign, but they do fit nicely into several other marketing areas. Torches can be a really well received business gift for a set of clients and most promotional torches will have a higher perceived value than the actual spend levels. Staff incentives are another area that can be fulfilled by torches. Some of the smaller, inexpensive promotional torches could be considered for event or exhibition giveaways, certainly providing a lasting reminder of your branding well after the event has ended. It is certainly a business gift area that should not be overlooked and promotional torches may well provide your company with the perfect brand reminder.]]>