A great way to engage an audience you are trying to market your product or service to is to give them a promotional gift that they will be glad to receive and will be useful as well as enforcing your brand. Promotional stress toys have been a big merchandise area for many years and sales figures show no signs of decreasing. The squeezy foam shapes are usually commonplace in most business environments, encouraging today’s busy workaholic to take out the frustration of the day’s struggles on one of the great choice of promotional stress toys. The sheer magnitude of the different shapes and ideas of promotional stress toys can be difficult to illustrate, but they do fall neatly into categories and these will highlight the amount of choice a consumer has when considering stress items as a promotional giveaway idea. Promotional stress balls, and therefore sports related items are one of the larger ranges of promotional stress toys to choose from. They cover most ball sports as well as having ones such as motorbike stress helmets for that something different. Other categories of promotional stress toys are: Electronic: mobile phones, stress light bulbs, stress televisions Transport: including vans, planes, and trains – pretty much anything you can think of! Industry: Construction related toys, stress houses, banking items, and stress tools. Shapes: promotional stress dice stand out in this category. Medical: A best selling category of promotional stress toys. Various anatomical shapes. Examples are stress pills, hearts, brains, doctor characters. Animals: From farm animals to zoo animals to aquatics, most variations are covered. Fruit, vegetable and food: A large choice of promotional stress toys in this area. Fun Shapes: Probably more a miscellaneous range, covering anything from submarines, to worms and clocks. This set of promotional stress toys need research! Another great feature of promotional stress toys is the branding area, which is sizeable and can allow multiple print colour. The standard white stress ball can now be printed in up to full colour process. So for a selection of extremely tactile giveaway items why not consider promotional stress toys for your next campaign. Speak to a member of the sales team to discuss the full range and pricing in more detail.]]>