One of the best ranges of branded merchandise options to consider for fitness and outdoor type activities is that of promotional sports bottles. Personal fitness is such a growth area that it would be wise to consider a promotional item that the recipient would find useful in this area and promotional sports bottles do not represent a large spend to enable you to have your name seen by a client database as well as the people that notice the sports bottle when in use. There is a large choice of promotional sports bottles, demonstrating that this is a popular product area. Most products are moulded plastic and can therefore be found in numerous colours. You can look to take promotional sports bottles in several sizes, allowing for smaller 330ml or 500ml capacity bottles, right up to 1L. Many of these products have removable caps and this again opens up the possibilities of mixing and matching the products colours to create a promotional sports bottle to match your corporate look or to stand out from the others and be noticed. Within the plastic range of promotional sports bottles, there are several items that deserve highlighting. Biodegradable plastic is being used more and more in promotional item production these days and there is now a choice of sizes of the bio bottle, with a couple of bottle shapes as well. Some bottles have handy usability features such as hand grips and non-return valves on the running bottle, and there are various models with features of this type that can be sourced. Aluminium promotional sports bottles have the great feature of providing significant long term product lifetime as well as being fully recyclable. These types of bottles are great for multiple usages, resist damage and they can now even be printed in up to full colour process. Several finishes are available including brushed or white finished aluminium. One of the great features of promotional sports bottles is the branding area. Usually these are printed on a machine that allows the print to wraparound, providing a full 360 degress spot colour print (or full colour on some models) that is only then restricted by height. This allows significant branding that can include logos, products, services, contact details or even event details if you are looking to sponsor a race or event. Promotional Sports bottles are therefore a great giveaway idea and that can engage your target audience, encourage them to use the product in various ways and provide a lasting reminder of your branding to those who use and see the product in use.]]>