promotional items that you use for raising awareness of your company’s brand. The PRODUCT chosen to promote your business and therefore have branded up with your logo is of vital importance. It must be selected with the target audience in mind and whatever message or goal you are trying to achieve by using it.  Construction site workers would be greatly appreciative of thermal travel mugs, tape measures or beanie hats and less so if they were given desktop items, expensive pen sets or crystal.  The reverse would be true if you are targeting a set of company CEO’s, a beanie hat might not go down too well! Price is the next important decision to make when considering your promotional merchandise. This would again have to be thought of in terms of who is the intended recipient, and are you looking at simply raising awareness or encouraging sales as a result of the giveaway. There is a huge range of budget items that can be used and all have good qualities as a reminder of a service or a point of contact.  Once you start looking at higher level spend such as USB flashdrives and desk clocks, you begin to journey into client retention or revenue generation as your aim. The interpretation of place is done slightly differently for this exercise in that you should consider carefully where your audience will take possession of the promotional item. If you are working on giveaways for your exhibition it is better to go for small, high volume items allowing easy transportation. They can be achieved on a low budget and could be used in conjunction with a smaller set of more expensive items for key client visits. Direct mail campaigns are affected by postage cost and this needs considering. Finally if you are looking at business gifts for your client base, you can decide to increase the spend and give out over face to face. Promotion is the final “P” to consider and this is the essence of this entire article, with the use of promotional goods achieving fantastic results for raising awareness of a brand or service and with the ultimate aim of increasing revenue for a business that has got the correct marketing mix in place for its business. Steel City Marketing has a great sales team who would be more than happy to discuss any promotional gift ideas that you may be looking at. We will pass on the lowest prices and will guarantee a first class service.  Call now on 0114 2754150.]]>