Would you like to make your marketing campaign memorable?

Promotional products are an extremely effective, personal way of getting in touch with your client base and reminding them of your company and what you can do to help them.  By adding a branded product to your marketing campaign, you will not only be strengthening the success of your campaign, you will be creating a ‘feel-good’ association with your client – everyone enjoys giving and receiving a gift after all.

Here are a few of the key trends we have found that are emerging in 2016 and what to consider when sourcing promotional products to enhance your marketing campaign.

Gadgets & technology gifts

You guessed it, technology is on trend for 2016.  With so many of us interacting and using technology, tech promotional products will keep your clients interested and entertained.  In fact, the gadget sector has seen an explosion in popularity, now making up over 12% of total spend on promotional products.  Powerbanks will continue to be firm favourite branded product, with various shapes, sizes and printing opportunities available to personalise them.  Bluetooth is set to get faster with longer ranges, meaning Bluetooth gadgets like speakers, hands-free devices, mice, headphones, earbuds, Selfie Sticks and activity trackers will become even more appealing.

Virtual reality headsets have been hot news in the technology and gaming market with companies such as Google and Apple being at the forefront of developments.  Although early days, this technology is forecast to evolve and be more widely available.  In fact, within a couple of days of writing this blog there has been new VR promotional products launched, which are now featured on our website.

VR Goggles     You Tube







Wearable Technology

With a massive surge in people using social media1 and apps to measure their fitness and wellbeing, branded wearables will continue to rise in popularity in 2016.  Smart bracelets, watches and glasses are predicted to become as commonplace as smart phones within 5 years.  Smart wearable garments are also gaining in sophistication and may well make an appearance into the promotional market in 2016.

Activity Tracker

Energy Band










Stylus pens

With 66% of UK adults owning a smart phone in 20151, the stylus pen is steadily increasing in popularity as a promotional gift.  By combining a stylus with a pen, it has a dual purpose of navigating on smartphones or any other touch screen device as well as being able to write with it.

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Soft-touch products

Soft touch products are becoming more widely available across a growing number of categories such as notebooks, pens, powerbanks and sports bottles.  Textured prints on products are set to become more desirable in 2016, with new print techniques enabling tactile, stand-out logo designs.











Eco products

Following the United Nations Global Climate conference and agreements to reduce global warming, in 2016 there will potentially be more media emphasis on green issues.  This should have an effect on general awareness and demand for eco-friendly products.

With the carrier bag charge coming into play in England in October 2015, the demand on eco-friendly/ bags for life will continue, being an extremely useful promotional item to send to clients.










There seems to be a gradual shift towards better quality, certified promotional products that are intended to be given as a gift or to be sold on.  With safety being at the forefront of our minds, especially with technological items, products need to be durable and as risk free as possible.

Overall 2016 is looking like a gadget/tech focused year for promotional product trends.  Being eco-friendly and a move towards quality will also be a priority for many companies when selecting their branded gifts.

Depending on your marketing campaign; you may like to give loyal clients a thank you gift, revitalise a connection with prospective clients or hand out promotional products at an exhibition – there are so many options for you.  At Steel City we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards the perfect solution to support your campaign.

1 Ofcom Facts & Figures (2015) Available at: http://media.ofcom.org.uk/facts/