promotional playing cards to carry your branding. These products are very flexible in their creation. Every country has their own specific design of cards, and all of these are available – or a decision can simply be taken to go with one of the standard lines. There is also no requirement at all to stick with the traditional pack of cards. Promotional playing cards can be seen as a purely bespoke business gift idea, and the whole pack can be designed and printed to your specific ideas.  There is no limit on shapes and although tooling charges do apply, and you can easily move away from the standard rectangular design towards something with shape and definition, adding impact to your brand. Branding to the reverse is where the all-important corporate message usually lies on your pack of promotional playing cards. The possibilities are without limit, up to full colour process and this is possible on reasonably low minimum quantitities. The final area to consider when discussing if promotional playing cards are the right business gift idea for your company would be the packaging. This can be simply cellophane wrapping should budget be restrictive or if money is not a consideration, there are some fantastic choices from window boxes, plastic boxes or luxurious box options in materials such as wood, leather or aluminium. Your pack of promotional playing cards can also be attached to your product or another gift, such as a bottle of wine. All packaging options will be considered and worked out. Should you be considering packs of promotional playing cards or any other business gift idea, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing Sales team now on 0114 2754150 who will be happy to lend advise on this or any other matter relating to your important marketing spend.]]>