Fitness and looking after our health has never been so important or high on our own personal agendas. Therefore gifts such as promotional pedometers would surely be a winner with your target audience. There is a great choice of pedometers available as business gift ideas and these range in price, style, colour availability and functionality to ensure that you will almost certainly find a product to suit your needs and provide a gift that will act as a brand reminder for your company for a considerable amount of time. Promotional Pedometers have had a rise in popularity over recent years, spurred on by initiatives to get Britain fitter and using the great outdoors to do this. Whether this is just walking, jogging or some serious training, promotional pedometers can be a really useful tool at measuring several workout indicators to ensure you are maximizing the workout to your ability. Some promotional pedometers simply measure distance, whilst others have step counters, calorie burn counter or fat analysers.  Additional features on some models can be an FM radio, or a personal attack alarm, brilliant ideas to make people want use their promotional pedometer. The choice of colours and styles is one of the best features of the promotional pedometers range. There are products that the look of the ipod, giving contemporary appeal. Others are neat and with a belt clip can be easily attached and the wearer would forget they were even using a promotional pedometer.  Print areas are good on all of these products, and they can take a multiple spot colour print. The ECO angle should not be overlooked, as one of the promotional pedometers is solar powered, removing the need for batteries and the replacing of them. Promotional pedometers would fit neatly into a couple of marketing campaigns when looking at your next purchase.  They would be ideal for a staff incentive gift, would be a great Christmas or business gift (to a top list of clients). Given that promotional pedometers are small in size and can be bulk transported, they could also be a great idea for an event or exhibition giveaway, either using one of the cheaper products for a larger audience or ensuring that a select few people are in receipt of one of the more expensive promotional pedometers. Business gifts that provide the user with a functional useful item are sometimes the most popular choices and promotional pedometers certainly tick all the right boxes where this is concerned.]]>