promotional pedometers have to be the ideal gift to help encourage this. The range available demonstrates the popularity of this type of product and also the fact that health is plays an important role in the workplace. Staff that take this seriously are the ones with reduced absenteeism and achieve greater results. The pedometer chosen as a business gift or promotional giveaway doesn’t have to be all whistles and bells with as many features as possible. Really the basic need is to encourage the owner to get our there, use the product and improve the fitness levels to those desired. Therefore, even the budget pedometers will no doubt be greatly received and the required spend is low given the perceived value. Additional features are always welcome, and with increased budgets, there is plenty to choose from. Whether you are simply looking for additional colour choice, calorie counter or distance travelled indicator, these all help make the recipient more likely to try their gift out. Pedometers integrated into sweatbands are very different and unique and other features include personal attack alarms, scanner radios (to take the mind off the task in hand), and even MP3 players to take your music with you. There is even an ECO angle with some pedometers as there are with so many promotional products these days, with auto shut off features if the product is idle for more than one minute and we have in the range a solar powered version, perfect for that campaign that requires the environmental approach. Should you be stuck for ideas for the early part of this year and you want to promote your company with something different, consider pedometers as something that you could use that will kick start Jan!]]>