We can officially confirm that people just love promotional notepads and paper products! Following an online survey, we found that 59% of respondents could’nt do without a “notepad” on their desk at work! Promotional Notepads are now considered one of the staple promotional giveaway items to consider. The value lies in the following facts:

  • They are a vital and necessary item in a busy working day
  • They are used on a daily basis
  • They are the perfect constant reminder – billboard advertising for the desktop.

Recent research by Source-e indicates that 52% of people purchased from companies who had branded merchandise on their desk. Promotional Notepads and paper products offer tremendous value for money, create brand awareness, build brand identity and influence purchases! They are cost effective options to offer customers as a way to reach out and connect with both existing and potential customers.

Sticky Note PadsA clear best seller in the promotional notepad range is that of sticky notes. If you want a product that is low cost, lightweight to mail, useful, effective and value for money then look no further than the humble sticky note. They may not be High Tec or flashy but they do the job – they make any promotional message stick!


Wiro Bound NotepadsIf you are looking for a smart, eye-catching promotional notepad product, then you should ‘take note’ of wiro-bound pads. Through a surge in popularity in high street stores such as Paperchase, this product has quickly become a top selling item. The great attraction lies in the versatility of this functional and fun product.  Further, wiro-bound notepads offer real value for money; they are really useful, durable and very effective. Not only a contemporary choice in the promotional gift marketplace; they also work well in the world of education and as a souvenir item too.

Promotional Notepads are a strong choice to consider when planning a campaign where you are looking for brand recall and campaign recognition. For a relatively low unit cost spend, you are putting something useful and function onto prime real estate space – your target audience’s desktop!