promotional MP3 players of various memory capacity, starting from around 512MB. These are usually small in size, feature an FM radio and allow quick music transfer from your PC via USB.  The price difference is huge and they are comparable to retail MP3 players with the added bonus of being brandable.  There are now even items coming out of the Far East for the promotional market that have a very similar look and feel to some of the Ipod products (but don’t have some of the patented functionality). These would be items greatly received as a gift. MP4 players are the alternative to the video Ipod and produce good quality picture viewing and music video reproduction. Not ideal to be used whilst jogging, this feature is certainly attractive in a business gift. For a functional item, which would be well received at a time when people are putting some serious personal time into improving fitness; a scanner radio, an MP3 or MP4 player would be ideal and January would be a perfect time to make this happen.]]>