promotional mousemats. With the use of PC’s in the workplace having become an absolutely essential item, the computer mouse is used for a vast proportion of our working day. In the days of the balled computer mice, the use of a mousemat was to aid and facilitate smooth mousing and this was certainly achieved with a fairly narrow selection of mats, such as the hard top foam based and other options which included the textile topped mat. The mouse would often pick up dust reducing the performance and the mat would prevent this with its easy clean surface.  Printing techniques improved on the standard range, quickly becoming a product with a great print area that could take full colour printing, up to photographic quality. It was therefore a product that evolved pretty quickly in terms of increased product choice with advances in materials available and continual improvements in performance of the balled mouse using mats such as the Britemat mousemat, the softmat, or the welded mousemat. Technology certainly hasn’t stood still and the mousemat product range has also had to move to keep up. Optical computer mice are the chosen tool of the trade and most PC / accessory packs come with these as standard. There is now a large choice of mat options to cater for tracking required for this mouse technology, and the Britemat has continued to be one that leads the way. Other surfaces on best selling items have been altered to cope with the change in mousing and there is very little if anything that underperforms these days. The novelty side of this product area must also be considered and the Aqua mousemat continues to be a very good selling product, given the moving colourful liquids and the ability to insert floating shapes or even glitter to grasp the users attention. A desktop version of the snow dome if you like! Mousemats will continue to have a place on the ever evolving desktop, and it continues to be a hugely popular item if not only down to the usability factor, but also the comfort it brings as well as the fantastic branding possibility.  The fact that your message will stay in the corner of the users eye for a considerable amount of time continues to keep this product high up on the promotional product wish list. For more information on the right mousemat choice for your next promotion, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150.]]>