As a nation we are taking our appearance, health and lifestyle more seriously than ever and there are certain promotional items that are reflecting this trend. Promotional lip balm is becoming a very popular giveaway item. Due to the low value, good branding area and high level of usefulness to the recipient, this is a product range that is showing good levels of growth. One of the best selling items within the promotional lip balm range is the stick. With a twist mechanism to reveal the moisturizing balm, this product came on stream first due to the popularity of lip balm sticks in the retail sector. Now available in numerous frosted and solid colours, this product in itself has moved along with market demands. The growth in the number of new promotional lip balm cases is where the real movement is being seen. There is now a multitude of funky, cool and new ways of purchasing lip balms and these all have either a secondary feature, or innovative design. From the Lip Balm ball, to a stick with a slide mechanism, the lip balm lanyard or the lip balm with a mirror combined, there are exciting ideas to provide the consumer with something new. Not only does promotional lip balm come as simply a moisturizing product, but it is now also available in some products with UV protecting qualities which is a fantastic feature to use to promote such a great value promotional item. Branding of all products in the promotional lip balm range is prominent, allowing for continued and long-term exposure of your brand. After all, lip balm is not a product that is used up very quickly at all. Due to the handy size of most of the promotional lip balm products, these are perfect as an exhibition giveaway item or even a direct mail campaign and they are always handy to have around for client visits. Promotional lip balms do really tick the box for most marketing areas.]]>