There is still a strong demand for promotional giveaways and business gifts that have an executive and high-end appeal. This is very true with coasters and in particular promotional leather coasters. These remain a popular product with a traditional look and feel and sit well either on the modern day office desktop or in the corporate board room. Promotional leather coasters are made from several grades of leather, but the most popular is the bonded leather version. This is due to the great value for money, whilst still receiving a promotional product that looks and feels like genuine leather. Bonded leather promotional coasters are produced using scrapped leather fibers bonded together with latex binders. This creates a very close leather appearance at a fraction of the cost. A grain like look can also add great effect. The choice of shapes and colours available in these promotional leather coasters is one of the great benefits and these business gifts are usually foil blocked, again to give a real executive feel to the finished product. Most often cork backed, this helps protect the surface being covered as well as providing a non slip base. Price range is the most important factor these days with any business giveaway and the promotional leather coasters, in particular the bonded version, are available at great value, allowing a product to gain your branding good exposure over a significant product lifetime for a relatively low cost. Promotional leather coasters are a perfect direct mail campaign as they are light, they sit well also as an exhibition and event giveaway. Where these coasters possibly come into their own is as a low cost business gift for a client database and can also be used as something to neaten up a board room. This is yet another option of the great cheap promotional giveaway products, that can be very well received and most likely used. Contact the sales team for prices on promotional leather coasters.]]>