A promotional product that has a specific use on a daily basis is probably one of the best-received giveaway items at present. Promotional highlighters are a fantastic merchandise range, that can be used during various marketing campaigns and can make an ideal impression on the target audience. A complimentary product to various desktop promotional items, highlighters have a use for most office staff and will be kept and used even if there isn’t an immediate need. The range of promotional highlighters is considerable, there are plenty of shapes and designs. The marketing consumer has the choice of single highlighters with a choice of ink colours or you can consider a multiple promotional highlighter that has several ink colours in one product. There are a couple of brand names that have ensured they have a presence in the promotional highlighters range, with both 3M and Senator having highlighter pens to choose from. 3M have a fantastic product in their Post It Note Index highlighter, a combination product that has a set of index tabs as well as highlighter pen that comes in various colours. Senator have a choice of upside down markers that can be purchased as individual promotional highlighters or as a set of 3. These can be attached to lanyards if the user could have a requirement to use a highlighter on the move. Senator’s duo pen is a best selling product, a combined ballpen and highlighter, now available in several colours. Away from branded promotional highlighters, there is plenty of choice. Most are the multiple highlighting products and the best sellers are viewable on the site, these being the triangular highlighter and the petal. The great feature of most promotional highlighters is the print areas that are on these great giveaway items. Most have at least one large print area, whilst some can be printed to multiple positions or just simply the second side of a highlighter like the triangular. This range of merchandise is not a low budget product, so should be considered as an alternative to a mid range ballpen for example rather than a low cost pen. Promotional highlighters have a long product lifetime as they are not constantly being used, but could very easily be used on a daily basis. This will gain your brand great exposure for a considerable time and promotional highlighters may well end up with multiple owners during its life. Great for use as a business gift, event or exhibition giveaway or as a staff incentive, promotional highlighters are a very popular choice for a desktop promotional product.]]>