promotional hand sanitizers, it is clear that these particular products make up a far larger standalone product category and details of these should be made available, so that the consumer is aware of the types of items they can use along with their branding. Obviously the hot product range of the moment within the promotional healthcare products range is the large choice of promotional hand sanitizers. With the attempts to reduce the spread of infections not solely confined to medical institutions, but now every workplace, these products have had a surge in volume sales with many of the promotional hand sanitizers showing good branding areas, low minimum quantities and sometimes additional features such as a combined ballpen sanitizer. Promotional lip balm falls neatly into the promotional healthcare products, with this retail type product that consumers buy millions of each year, being available as a promotional giveaway idea. Promotional lip balms can be just moisturizing or can be supplied with sun protection factor 15, an added value quality of an inexpensive giveaway product. There are plenty of neat promotional lip balm products and they come in a good range of colours as well as having a decent print area for a small giveaway product. Other types of promotional healthcare products include promotional tissues. These are again showing a surge in popularity given the level of media attention surrounding the threats of pandemic flus. There is a vast choice of packaging options to consider. Promotional nail files are a great item to brand, allowing up to full colour to both sides. Sun blocks and sun creams are also showing a good level of sales on the back of increased awareness of skin cancer risks and this would link quite nicely to other travel promotional healthcare products such as wet wipes, insect repellent, liquid travel soap, all of which can be branded effectively. Promotional healthcare products can fulfill many marketing requirements for the consumer. They can be an ideal solution for direct mail campaigns and there are several flat, lightweight and low budget promotional healthcare products to consider. Staff incentives are another area that can make use of these promotional items. The final area to consider these healthcare products for is as event or exhibition giveaways. A well-received gift that the recipient would most likely have a need for, the branding potential is great and has the ability to remind for a considerable time. So, consider promotional healthcare products for your next campaign.]]>