promotional gifts buyer looks to make contact with either an existing or new distributor. There are those that will not need the satisfaction of dealing with a local company and will be happy to consider price, initial rapport and word of mouth above all else. Then there are the purchasers who prefer to be in contact with a company that is more local, providing the knowledge that the account handler is on hand to discuss new briefs face to face if required, or be available to sort any issues that might arise, after all no one can ever say they have a problem free business year. It is therefore every promotional gifts company’ aim to wear both hats and to provide both types of solutions to merchandise buyers. So therefore if you are a company based in looking for promotional gifts Sheffield or anywhere in the UK, you should be able to find what you need in one company. At Steel City Marketing, a business that has been uniquely in this industry for over 28 years and with a dedicated and experienced sales team, you can be sure that your requirements and orders are in safe hands. There has to be a real focus on the customers needs. Should a local company not require the face to face contact, and be interested in making quick but informed decisions, obtaining competitive pricing at speed and trusting the company to see the order through to delivery swiftly, then this is not a problem at all.  Being local to a client does then add the bonus of being available should anything out of the ordinary require discussing. For a company that isn’t local to their chosen distributor it is again vital to adapt to their needs. It is not necessary to have that face-to-face contact and a good promotional gift distributor will make every stage as easy as possible for the client. To have a product directory that can be mailed, that is different from the rest and easy to use is the first point. Knowledgeable sales staff working in front of a great team is the second. Online access to a great range of business gift ideas is also a must. All this must be seamless and provide the client with that local feel on a national level. Whether you are based in Sheffield or anywhere else in the UK, Steel City Marketing are confident we can meet your needs when you next look to purchase your promotional merchandise. Put us to the test on 0114 2754150.]]>