It is still surprising how many enquiries for promotional gifts and merchandise are received with the client still unsure of how many colours can be printed onto the item they are interested in. This is not a problem for us – we love talking about what we do and the ultimate aim is match a clients exact requirement to the end product delivered.  Now more so than ever before this is achievable and advances in technology mean that progress in branding items will continue. Companies are rebranding and redesigning logos to make them fresher, we are becoming more service led and new businesses are being established – this is a continual cycle. There is so much marketing being done, that promotional products need to keep up and be well received once produced. Full colour print was often the Holy Grail – and only certain items offered a digital print option – mousemats and paper products spring to mind historically. Most products areas now have a suitable option for a full colour process print: Promotional Mugs : Full colour can be achieved through several print methods, from dye sublimation, to transfer print, to full colour process. Even the contemporary Latte mugs are getting in on the act! Promotional Pens : Most pen producers now have the ability either to print a full colour digital wrap and apply it to the barrel, or print directly onto the pen in full colour. USB Flashdrives : Certain popular models lend themselves to full colour process print, such as the Aluminium, plus new styles now come with epoxy labels which take a digital print extremely well. [caption id="attachment_560" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Full colour print on sports bottle"]Full colour print on sports bottle[/caption] Sports Bottles : Aluminium Sports bottles are now not only ticking the box from the reusable angle – avoiding the wastage of plastic – but they too now can take a digital wraparound print, with fantastic results. The list DOES go on… The best suggestion we can make at Steel City Marketing is to contact a member of the sales team (0114 2754150) if you have any questions about your branding, the products or the restrictions (if any!!) that might apply.]]>