Promotional Gift SupplierWhat should you expect from your promotional gift supplier? This is a relationship that should be seen as a long-term strategic partnership in the same way that your graphic or web designer, your mail fulfilment house or your digital marketing agency is viewed.


It is more than just a website…

The tools that your promotional gift supplier uses to showcase the range of products are important. You may want :

  • Regular face-to-face meetings to discuss your ideas or campaigns.
  • It could be that you prefer to flick through a hard copy promotional gift catalogue.
  • A website is a powerful tool and may be the way you like to browse for ideas.
  • You might simply want a knowledgeable account manager that is always available to bounce ideas off.

Ideas Ideas Ideas…

When it comes to your all-important marketing spend, your promotional gift supplier should immediately fill you with confidence. It could take you hours to scan through the range yourself. With a campaign or event coming up, there is so much to plan that you may not have the time to do this type of search:

  • Rely on your promotional gift supplier if you are struggling for ideas.
  • Provide a brief, however simple and let your supplier loose with it!

You should expect your supplier to work as any team member would. They should build on your initial ideas and provide you with an additional set (if required) for you to consider. If that list doesn’t hit the spot, they should try again! This work should all be done quickly (within a few hours maximum).


Any promotional gift supplier knows that every penny counts when you are managing a marketing budget or working costs out for a campaign or event. With the huge range of products available, there is usually an offer out there for something:

  • If price is the only issue, ask your supplier the question; are there any deals on for anything?
  • If the right product is the most important thing, you should expect to get the best price possible.

There are so many elements to consider when buying promotional gifts (quantity, lead time, number of print colours etc) it is essential you talk to your supplier (or email), as prices on the web and in catalogues will often be just guide prices.


Your promotional gift supplier should provide you with confidence throughout the process. There should be no doubt that they know what they are doing. If you need to know any detail about your order or delivery, they should be able to inform you quickly and accurately. Things can always go wrong on jobs, but if your promotional gift supplier cant resolve or provide options to remedy an issue, then they are not delivering on service levels that you should expect.

This industry is quite involved! It isn’t quoting, packing and dispatching widgets from a stock room. Your promotional gift supplier should therefore work with you to ensure you achieve the results you are aiming for as part of your overall marketing strategy.