promotional merchandise industry is no different. There is a common misconception around that selling business gifts is symbiotic with a number of others, including stationery suppliers, print managers and the like. It is true that often the client uses all these forms, orders regularly and this would theoretically show that one company could supply all services. However, this is clearly not the case from the feedback received and unfortunately the companies that believe this are the ones that are muddying the water, doing a bad job and giving a bad reputation to a very good industry. The occasional search around some business forums and you can quickly get the impression that there is a good percentage of the end client base that get tired of the daily calls from companies asking about promotional items and asking to be considered as a supplier. Therefore if a stationery supplier offers the service, and if a print manager does the same, what chance have the genuine promotional gift suppliers got in persuading a client to think more positively about us. Competition is great, it is necessary and it makes a good company tune in to what is going on, allowing us to assess and react accordingly. Any business that claimed otherwise is not going to achieve more than they already have done. However, the companies who are trying to tag this type of activity onto their core are genuinely making a bad job of it – this is a common thought amongst the promotional gift suppliers and producers. They do not understand the complexities, they have not gained competitive supply pricing and the errors made are countless. They have entered into something without analyzing the market, without testing their procedures. There is even an organization that is holding workshops on how to sell promotional items. If they can’t work it out for themselves, they shouldn’t be doing it. The promotional gift distributor, a company that is purely in that business area, is the only type of company to deal with if you want the best ideas, the lowest pricing, the most effective delivery. Try Steel City Marketing on 0114 2754150 and the whole team will ensure you have not made a mistake in making that call.]]>