promotional merchandise for them. This provides the best option for many given the ease of which the entire marketing package can be put together. However, companies that do this have more often than not overlooked the possibility of using a promotional gift company to source their promotional gifts. A company that is uniquely involved in an industry understands how it works, what it is to be a distributor of those products and is geared up to dealing both with the large supply base and the specific requirements of the clients. Companies that add this activity onto their core operations will more than likely have to use a promotional gift distributor anyway and these provide a very good client base as it would be foolish to ignore a set of reselling clients that have the drive, desire and a captive client base themselves. This post is really aimed at current users of promotional merchandise reassessing their activity or companies that have never dipped their toes into this type of marketing spend. It would be a good move to look into several ways of souring your gifts or giveaways and it might well be that the decision is taken to use the printer or design agency already used. It may, however, with minimal effort be possible to check out a promotional gift company. This may not only provide a cost saving, but also a wider list of ideas, knowledge or thousands of products and the expertise in terms of branding and ensuring your logo or company name is enforced with the maximum effect. Steel City Marketing is a promotional gift company having been in business for over 28 years. With an experienced sales team, contactable on 0114 2754150, you can be sure they will take your ideas and move them forward quickly, cost effectively and with the passion and energy you require.]]>