promotional sports bottles and these are a great gift that can be certain of future use. There is no restriction to where they fit into a person’s active lifestyle and can be useful for numerous sports and activities. Requiring a drink during whatever recreational activity you participate in is almost a given, and to promote your company with an item that can be used to quench that thirst is a very clever marketing tool. With the gym membership featuring on many people’s domestic budgets these days, the kit that people have with them will more often than not include something to have a drink out of. Single use bottled water is OK, and for high impact advertising it does work. These are mainly purchased rather than given and an alternative to the constant purchasing of bottled water is the sports bottle. It can be filled up beforehand, looks neater, wont crush when stuffed into the gym bag and can pretty much be used forever! There is plenty of choice of promotional sports bottles, with the plastic options offering considerable colour choice of not only the bottles but also the caps.  There are several size options, which include the traditional 500ml, 800ml and 1000ml. Budget wise, the low end is catered for, as well as the premium styled bottles also being available. The running style plastic bottle, with hand grips or handles can also be branded.  The print areas are good with modern roller printer techniques allowing print to wrap a fair way around. Becoming very popular are the reusable aluminium sports bottles, which are more robust than plastic and are considered even longer lasting. There is a jump in budget, especially when you start looking at the SIGG bottles, but now there some unbranded cheaper alternatives, which do exactly the same job. Seen as not only as a standard sports bottle, these metal versions fit nicely in with the outdoor pursuits participant, again another area of fitness which is booming. Advanced printing techniques have enhanced the perceived value and there is now 360degree full colour process wrap print using dye-sublimation – allowing photographic quality reproduction. Couple this with either a brushed, white or aluminium supercolour finish, and you are looking at a product that will have the WOW factor and almost certainly will replace any existing drinking vessel. Sports bottles are a fantastic promotional giveaway and whatever the budget, design or quantity, there is certainly a product available that will work for you long into the future.]]>