Occasionally when sourcing promotional items, something jumps out at you as just a really good idea. Like the Hy-Lid promotional drinks can lid, which fits onto 90% of the worlds drinks cans, is hygienic to use and keeps drinks fresh and fizzy so that they don’t have to be consumed in one hit. Other benefits are that it is a non-spill device, is dishwasher safe and is made from food grade polypropylene. The Hy-Lid drinks can lid fits onto the top of your drinks can easily. It has a sealed drinks spout that must be twisted to open the unit and is on a never-ending thread, so this component cannot be removed with over twisting. Once sealed, the drink will remain fresh for up to seven days and the fizz will remain in the drink far longer than would normally be the case. The drinks can lid can be easily removed once the drink has been consumed, allowing for cleaning and re-using. The hygiene factor of using drinks cans has never really been avoided, but now with the Hy-lid promotional drinks can lid, it is possible that the cleanliness of your drink “experience” will be under your full control. The Hy-lid promotional drinks can lid comes in several colourways ensuring good choice for the consumer. The standard choices are blue and red, blue and white, white and red, white and blue. For certain larger quantities it would no doubt be possible to create a bespoke colourway, but this would need to be discussed at the time. Minimum quantities are low and the price point is great as a low cost promotional giveaway. The branding potential of the Hy-lid promotional drinks can lid is impressive with a print area of around 40 x 20mm, which can be increased if printed directly at the factory on larger quantities. With an item that could be in continual use around the office or at home and would be seen alongside some famous brand name drinks, you can be sure that your product or service will be remembered for a considerable amount of time. These days the marketing consumer is looking for something different, unique and with mass appeal. The Hy-lid Promotional drinks can lid certainly meets those needs head on with vibrant colours and a great print area to add to the mix.]]>