[/caption] With the desktop PC being such an important item in today’s office environment, it makes sense to provide your client base with a promotional item that can be used alongside the computer. Promotional computer mice are a great business gift idea that will be used on a daily basis, carrying your branding for a considerable length of time. There was a time when promotional computer mice were not up to scratch quality wise and compared to the large imported retail models, you would have to question if they would then be used on a regular basis. As with a lot of promotional products, the quality now matches anything that is purchased from the large retail computer outlets and there are now no inconsistencies when using promotional computer mice versus any other. The range and styles of promotional computer mice are certainly worth a view. One of the best known of the computer mice for use as a business gift is the liquid filled computer model. This features a branding area as well as the back of the mouse containing 2 coloured liquids as well as the ability to add floating shapes. These now come as optical, showing that the products are keeping on top of what the market demands. There is a good choice of small micro promotional computer mice and sales of these make up a good proportion of the overall mice orders. A considerable amount of today’s business people work remotely either while travelling, in the hotel (the night before a meeting) or at home. The mouse pad on a laptop is not the most easy to use, so a business gift of a mini computer mouse that can make the remote mousing easier would be a very well received gift. As discussed, the technology behind promotional computer mice these days is nothing to be concerned about. From wireless mice, to the fact that all are now optical and some even laser, there is nothing to worry the purchaser of the promotional computer mouse in terms of how well the gift will be received. It is always worth asking for a sample, and trying it to prove the functionality is sound. At Steel City Marketing, we have a great range of promotional computer mice to consider online as well as many others that we can source quickly and competitively. Contact a member of the sales team to discuss prices, samples or to place your next business gift order.]]>