coasters are exactly a product range that achieves both of these objectives. There are often requirements for desks and workspaces to be kept in good order and drinks spillages and potential marking of surfaces can present a problem. Coasters avoid this and act as a subtle reminder of your service or brand and can be ordered in large volumes at a relatively low spend if required. The choice of styles, material finishes and branding possibilities are fairly extensive in the range of promotional coasters available. There shouldn’t be any difficulty in finding one that suits the price you are looking to pay whilst also ensuring the product promotes your brand effectively. At the budget end, most products are in the form of materials such as rigid plastic (acrylic) or welded PVC, where price points are exceptionally good and print areas cover most of the visible surface of the product. The full colour process options are possible on the more budget end products, such as the flexible plastic coaster or the acrylic insert model. Within the mid price range, there are some materials that are aimed more at the executive desk, with bonded leather remaining popular along with aluminium coasters with either cork or felt backing that can be printed up to full colour process to stunning effect. At the high end, where the idea is to be looking more along the lines of a business gift idea, there are some fantastic glass coaster options, which are traditionally engraved, but can now be transfer printed in spot colours, to allow the brand to remain consistent. For something different, there are some neat little options that provide an option away from the norm and would be a good talking point for the recipient, enforcing your brand further and for longer. Alternative shaped products such as house shaped coaster are a good idea for construction and housing clients, and there are jigsaw coasters that gain a little interaction from a usually simple product. With such a good print area it is always worth taking time with the design you are looking to put on your chosen coaster and this can ensure your message gains long lasting effects. It would always be worth discussing ideas with your account handler and the studio manager. A promotional coaster can be such a simple but effective advertising tool and if there is time taken to choose the right product and brand it effectively, it can work long term for you.  Speak to a member of the Steel City Marketing Sales team on 0114 2754150 to discuss ideas and achieve the results you are looking to.]]>