One of cheapest promotional items that can be used as an inexpensive giveaway item or which can be used to brighten up an event or exhibition stand are promotional balloons. Should you be looking to put together a small pack of items to hand out, promotional balloons should be considered as one option. They are light, easy to put away in a pocket or a bag and inflated later. They are tactile, easy on the eye and can be great when your target audience is a family as they encourage interaction and play.  Within an event or exhibition type scenario, promotional balloons take on a completely different role, whilst still providing your company with a low cost and effective way to advertise your product, service or brand. Stands adorned with balloons in various colours and styles and worked into various grouped shapes can have a very positive effect on the number of visitors you will receive. Colourful balloons, branded up with your details will stand out from the others, ensuring you are spotted from further away by current and prospective clients alike. The choice of promotional balloons these days is not restricted. The latex is biodegradable, there is a significant selection of colours, ensuring you will get a pretty close match to your corporate colours one way or another, and options on different shapes is increasing all the time.  The most popular are the regular 10” or 12” sized promotional balloons, but this is followed by heart shaped, which are available in at least 10 colours. Metallic balloons have become very popular, and although work out more expensive, this can be a good option to consider. The print area on promotional balloons is excellent – and both sides can be printed. You can also consider printed neck up or down, depending on the eventual usage, i.e. as a helium or air filled promotional balloon. Some fantastic effects can be created using promotional balloons for your event or campaign including balloon arches or columns – ensuring your clients or visitors have an initial talking point and the venue achieves the wow factor. So why not consider promotional balloons for your next marketing campaign. Whether as a cheap giveaway product carrying your brand effectively, or for use as a dressing aid for your next corporate event, printed promotional balloons can have a great effect and build positive brand awareness.]]>