Often the best promotional items and giveaways provide a subtle message or reminder to the user. Promotional air fresheners are a great low cost product to consider that will guarantee you a large number of impressions. It is a product that has a use to the recipient and has great branding possibilities giving the maximum exposure to your brand or message. One of the best features about promotional air fresheners is the flexibility they provide versus a relatively low overall budget spend. There is a large range of standard shapes that require no additional tooling. But should you require your own bespoke shape, this can of course be produced. A tooling charge for a simple design would be around £70.00 – £80.00. Obviously if you have a strong brand or logo design, this is a small price to pay to ensure that your promotional air freshener stays within the guidelines and provides maximum impact. In addition to the flexibility in of the promotional air fresheners, the branding possibilities are all encompassing. Full colour process to both sides of the air freshener allows for branding from simple logos, to photographic type branding. Scent can be a very personal thing and especially if you are going to use a fragrance in your car. The choice of scents available for promotional air fresheners totals around 12 and this more than covers even the most “sniff sensitive client”, even if it is just simply to go with the ever popular “new car smell”. Promotional air fresheners are individually poly wrapped to retain the fragrance until such time as it has been handed out and is ready to use. Each comes with either an elastic loop / tie or a plastic hanger usually to attached to the rear view mirror. Should you be looking for a low value, highly effective giveaway item, consider promotional air fresheners in your next campaign.]]>