Durham or Sparta, ideal for office, shop floor or building site working environments. The Durham in particular offers varied branding methods included photomug, pantone matched spectracoat finish and heat sensitive magic ink, creating a simple but versatile product to consider.  There are now some very contemporary styles of promotional mugs to consider and the Marrow, Metro, Prado offer that little bit of something different and a more memorable piece perhaps. The final area to consider when looking at a potential business gift purchase of mugs, are the travel mugs. The increase in popularity of outdoor pursuits, coupled with the boom in construction work (until the recent slump) has made the insulated mug a very popular product. Our daily lives have become hectic and more and more people are taking drinks on the move, making these a great growth area. Although not a low budget spend, there are versions that insulate with plastic, providing a slightly cheaper alternative to the traditional stainless steel version. For an item that features so regularly on the promotional gift wish list, it is certainly worth putting time and effort into ensuring you have the selected the right style for your brand / campaign, have given careful consideration to the amount of information you are looking to print and have thought about your target market. If you would like to discuss the choice of mugs available, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150 who will be more than happy to quote prices, send samples and ensure you choose the right product for your needs.]]>