What comes to mind when you think of promotional products?

Freebies? Giveaways? Low-cost items to draw attention and raise a brands profile at trade-shows, exhibitions or events? Whilst low cost promotional products certainly do work wonders as giveaways at exhibitions, there is so much more to branded merchandise and how they can be used to gain a true ROI.

For example have you considered branded merchandise as a tool to say thank you or as a reward?

As in our personal lives, receiving a gift is a real treat – particularly if it is a surprise, personalised, unique or useful.  BPMA research backs this up with 79% of those asked feeling appreciated when they receive a branded gift.

Premium Promotional Product Gift Set

You could send a branded gift to:

  • Say thank you to loyal clients for their continued support.
  • Say thank you to new clients for making their first purchase.
  • To introduce your brand and company to prospective clients.
  • To provide an incentive for entering a competition or for signing up to a mailing list.
  • To celebrate an anniversary or special occasion.

Branded products can also be used internally to help with staff morale and team culture:

  • To provide an incentive for achieving a goal.
  • To welcome to a new team member.
  • Say thank you for continued loyalty and hard work.

If you really want to engage and build upon your business relationships, it is essential that you choose the perfect branded gift for the receiver. This is where the title of this blog comes into play – Why Should You Invest in Premium Promotional Products?!

A quality, well-designed and useful branded gift is much more likely to have a higher perceived value and be warmly received than a one-use, disposable item.  The receiver will be more inclined to keep a premium branded product, will use and see your brand many more times.  This in turn will increase the likelihood of your company being in their minds when they come to needing your product or service.

Not only will the receiver be able to recall your brand more easily, a premium gift will provide a quality reflection of your company and what it is like to work with you.  There are some fantastic options available, and you don’t have to break the bank to choose a promotional gift with high perceived value. So why not invest in a premium promotional product and stand out from your competitors for the right reasons?!

See our range of premium promotional gifts here.

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