Anyone who has read or seen the news recently will know what a phenomenon Nintendo’s new app ‘Pokémon Go’ is right now.  

The game was released in the UK yesterday and is in such high demand that the company is experiencing service issues.  This doesn’t seem to be putting off new users of all ages, with Nintendo adding millions to its value.   With the roaring success of this augmented reality app, there is sure to be more on the market before long.

A bit about the app…

By using the GPS on your smartphone, you can roam real-world maps, search for and catch Pokémon to train and battle with.  Players can visit local landmarks or buildings known as ‘Pokéstops’ and can collect free items to improve their game.  The app provides an augmented reality experience, using the smartphone’s camera to provide a live view of the world, with the Pokémon superimposed.


There is a Pokémon in the Steel City Office!

The main issue with Pokémon Go is that it drains a phones battery:

Not surprising really with the app running the GPS, graphics processor, cellular radio and camera as well keeping the screen bright so as to see it outdoors.  To help reduce the draining of a battery, players can turn off the volume and disable background apps, but this can be a bit of a rigmarole as well as not being amazingly effective.

The only real solution to get around battery drain is to invest in an external battery pack – a.k.a. a Power Bank.  Just plug the Power Bank into the phone with a USB cable to bring it back to life.

Here are a few of the branded Power Banks we would highly recommend having had experience supplying and using them ourselves:

1. Powerport

Powerport Power Bank

We like this Power Bank as it is great value for money, has a resin dome which can be printed in full colour and has a 2,200mAh battery capacity for fast charging and recharging speeds (typically charging most smartphones to at least 60% capacity. Also it has:

  • 80cm micro-USB Cable and Keyring attachment
  • Is compatible with all mobile devices that support USB charging
  • Lead time is approx. 5-7 days from artwork approval

2. Credit Card Slim

Credit Card Slim Power Bank Phone Charger

This Super ultra slim card design is popular as it can fit flat in a pocket and even fits into a wallet. Again, the capacity is 2200mAh.  The charging time with this Power Bank is approximately 3 hours.

  • A full colour print is available on both sides of the Power Bank
  • Free 1 year warranty is included
  • There is a built-in cable LED indicator light

3. Xoopar Squid Mini

Squid Mini 4000 mAh - All colors

For an even higher charging capacity (4,000mAh), we recommend the Xoopar Squid Mini – it can even charge two devices simultaneously!  It has a quality, soft touch feel and would be a sound investment.  It also has a power indicator showing the remaining battery power in the unit.

By providing your clients with a perfectly timed promotional item which they will find extremely useful, your brand will stand out and be remembered for the right reasons.

If you would like more suggestions or ideas for Power Banks or other branded merchandise, please get in touch by phone: 0114 2754150 or email us.