promotional merchandise and business gifts, it is essential that this is done in a structured and well thought out way, to ensure that the exposure your brand or campaign receives is maximized. Given that marketing budgets are so closely focused on and each penny has to be accurately accounted for to make sure that none is wasted, any spend on promotional gifts holds a high level of importance. Companies often start to consider the giveaway items or business gift ideas at the start of the financial year when budgets are set, this is a great way to get an initial plan together and using a brochure, website or listing items that have worked well the previous year is an ideal way to start. The marketing department can then set clear objectives and goals they want to achieve from any promotional merchandise purchased.  It is always advisable to look at holding back some budget for later in the year, this allows the company a degree of flexibility and the ability to react to outside forces such as a new competitor entering the market requiring aggressive action or a new product launch that wasn’t not initially planned, but requires advertising to a client base. Once budgets and aims are set – the final list of products can be decided upon.  It is obviously purely dependant on the individual company as to what will work, but there is usually a promotional item to suit whatever industry you are in. Low value, budget items are fantastic giveaway ideas to promote a product or service to a mass audience, raise brand awareness and generate increased turnover levels with reduced spend. Higher value business gifts veer towards the client retention side, protecting established revenue streams and ensuring that your competition is kept at bay.  One particular product area that covers the entire spend spectrum is promotional pens, with something for every budget from pence to pounds. Timing is a final area to be very wary of when planning your merchandise purchase. Although lead times are reducing all the time, it is always worth considering that any delays in decision making on placing the order, choosing the final product colour, deciding on a design and approving the proof, will affect your final delivery date and these stages must all be completed before the actual “lead time clock” starts ticking. This front end work should all be concentrated heavily on and a good promotional gifts distributor will focus on all of these factors ensuring a smooth order flow and a client that is confident, happy that the timings will be met and satisfied that they are being kept informed at every stage. Steel City Marketing has been uniquely in the promotional gifts industry for over 28 years. With a hard working sales team, eager to proof their worth to your organization, you can be sure that when calling with your next requirement on 0114 2754150 you will be dealing with the right company.]]>