When considering the purchase of an executive business gift, it is often the case that a brand named product is the first port of call when gathering together a list of ideas. Personalized Swiss Army Knives have been a most popular range of product for a considerable amount of time. The selection of a brand named products provides additional prestige to your own brand given both logos will sit side by side on a high value business gift. Victorinox have stayed in touch with market demand over the years and have kept the personalized Swiss Army Knives constantly evolving, either by adding more colours to existing products, or bringing new products to the range with features that haven’t been used before or are a little more contemporary to the demands of the modern traveler. There are 12 personalized Swiss Army Knives available giving the consumer fantastic choice across all business gift price ranges. The entire range of personalized Swiss Army Knives come in a individual gift box as well as a pouch and a lifetime guarantee, which is a great v