Paper Mate pens have strategically placed themselves to tackle several price points to ensure that they cover most of the end user requirements. The writing is comfortable and there has always been an acknowledgement that paper mate’s are a lovely pen to write with.  There is good coverage at the budget end of the market with the Sport RT, the Stick 2020 and the Click ballpens all competing for the high volume, low unit cost orders. Most of the Paper Mate Pens have a good choice of colours with the Sport RT (new for 2009) available in a staggering 28 colour combinations. Most other models have at least 6 colours, with several best sellers have more than 10 options, giving the end user a fantastic choice. Further up the pricing scale and Paper Mate have positioned several models well to compete against higher unit cost products. New items are constantly coming on stream, and this is the area where there is greater development, as the strategy appears to be to look for higher value items. Most of the Paper Mate pens in this price range have a comfortable rubber grip, and several such as the Vergo and the Chill come as a gel ink pen or a ballpen, again giving the end user fantastic choice. Towards the higher end (but still remaining in the budget pen category) and there are several really good-looking Paper Mate pens with great styling and good colour choice. The Element has metal trims and a rubber grip, just as the Plunge does and the best seller in the Paper Mate pen range, the Grip Custom ballpen is a gel ink pen. The final pen to mention is the only all-metal Paper Mate pen, which can be engraved or single colour printed and comes in 4 colours. If you are considering promotional pens for your next campaign, why not consider one of the large range of Paper Mate Pens. This is fantastic range of products. Call to speak to one of the Steel City Marketing sales team now on 0114 2754150 and get your promotional ideas sorted today.]]>