Are you thinking of a way to make a real impact with your clients so they remember your company or a marketing campaign you are running?  

It may be an obvious promotional item, but the humble pen still packs a punch when it comes to brand recognition and brand identity. With 89% of business people across the UK having a promotional pen on their desk, and 83% being able to name that company*, it is a sure sign that your marketing budget will be well spent in the purchase of a branded pen.

Why choose a promotional pen?

The physical act of writing is still valued by many of us, despite living in an increasingly digital age.  Sometimes you just need to scribble down a reminder, or if you want to communicate a more personalised, well considered message, you may opt for a hand written note.  So you can see why pens have always been and still are a practical, popular gift. The success of the promotional pen all comes down to the item being useful. Let’s face it, if the product isn’t relevant to your client, it will probably be either given to someone else or thrown away! The trick of making your promotional pen effective, is in the selection and execution of the product.

How to choose a promotional pen

There are thousands of pens to choose from, and that is where the Steel City team come into play.  We will listen to who you want to target in which industry sector, get a feel for your brand identity and what message you want to portray.

It is really key to make sure your brand is consistent with the product you choose.  From the look, feel, weight and the way the pen writes, all should be considered when choosing your promotional pen.

For example, if you are a design or creative company you may want to showcase your brand on the latest trend-led pen, or if you are a well-established, traditional company you may choose a high quality, reliable pen.  It also depends on what you are going to use the pens for, you may want to reward your loyal customers with a higher value pen or a brand-name pen that will promote that value you perceive in your client. Alternatively you may want to give away lower value pens at an exhibition to remind prospective clients of who you are.

With all this in mind, and with our experience we are able to provide you with a tailored selection of pens to choose from, with visuals and samples to ensure you get exactly what you require.

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*BPMA 2014 Research