promotional awards in our time, the amateur film buff inside us thought we would have a pre-Oscar gander at some of the films tipped for success. Argo Directed and starring the talented Ben Affleck, Argo is the hot contender for taking the Oscar for best film. Telling the story of the unorthodox CIA agent Tony Mendes, it follows the escape of six American officials from the US embassy in Tehran. It is a clever mixture of comedy and thriller and could very well be described as Affleck’s best work to date. Les Miserables This box office adaption of the acclaimed musical has had audiences flooding into theatres worldwide. Depicting a bleak vision of the French Revolution, this film lives up to the high standards set by the musical on which it was based. It has a cast of innumerable stars who gives performances from the dramatic; Anne Hathaway to the comedic; Sacha Baron Cohen. Although this is not tipped to win best film, it is definitely worth a watch and likely to lead to a number of wins for its talented cast. Lincoln This epic tale has been taken on by the capable hands of Steven Spielberg who is no stranger to dramatizing an historical tale. This film sees how Abraham Lincoln battled with the challenges of ending a civil war and abolishing slavery. It is not, however, another war torn story with bloody battle scenes. Spielberg has taken a top down approach which gives insight into the happenings at the White House and Congress. The stellar performance from this film has to go to Daniel Day Lewis who plays Lincoln with finesse. Despite the impressive cast, this Hollywood great may not be picking up his third Oscar this year, as his odds currently stand at 1/70! Other contenders include: Armour, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. We specialise in a wide range of promotional awards. Our most popular selection is our range of crystal glass which we can individually personalise, the perfect way to generate a bit of inter-office competition and reward excellence. We definitely think we could give Mr Oscar a run for his money, so as you settle down on Sunday for this lavish affair, tweet us with the hashtag #SCMOscars and let us know who you think we should send our coveted award to.]]>