What is MugSafe®?

MugSafe® is a revolutionary new mug packaging system which eradicates breakages of our ceramic mugs and cups whilst in transit!

How does MugSafe® packaging work?

MugSafe® packaging has been designed to ensure each individual branded ceramic mug is secured neatly into a tailor made cardboard template. A unique packaging solution and the first of its kind in Western Europe, MugSafe® ensures that each mug has limited movement and hence, no breakages will occur.

MugSafe® Promotional Mugs Packaging

Why choose MugSafe®?

Well let’s face it, after spending your precious time making sure your promotional mugs are exactly on-brand and in time for your marketing event or campaign, the last thing you want is to receive mugs that are broken.  Breakages are becoming increasingly more frequent with the amount of deliveries couriers make and with automated courier hubs. So by opting for MugSafe® packaging, you will be guaranteeing a stress-free experience, with no need to spend time or money re-ordering and organising replacement ceramic drinkware.

With a 100% success rate in the 6-month testing period before launch, the MugSafe® solution is one to be fully confident in. Not only that, but with 90% of the industry on board with using the system, it promises to ensure complete satisfaction when it comes to your promotional ceramic orders.

MugSafe® Packaging

Environmental Benefits of MugSafe®

Another benefit of the MugSafe® packaging system is its eco-credentials.  All the cardboard used to make the MugSafe® packaging has a high recycled content and is FSC certified. The packaging tape is also recyclable, having switched from plastic to paper tape. Not only that, but by having a complete packaging solution made from one material, it makes it much easier to recycle. So if looking after the environment is an important criteria for your next marketing campaign, you can be safe in the knowledge that MugSafe® packaging ticks the box.

MugSafe® Solo

If you are wanting to send out promotional mugs or cups to individual addresses rather than receive them in bulk, then we can help! MugSafe® Solo is the ideal soultion – whereby the innovative packaging system is replicated for individual mugs. What’s more, with the Solo boxes, we are able to offer you a screen printed 1 colour design to really maximise your brand presence.

MugSafe® Solo

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