metal key ring. Often as an engraved item, but also printed, these executive gifts will be kept and used for a long time providing your branding effective promotion and the recipient gets to use a metal key ring, an item that would normally be purchased and used domestically anyway. Within the promotional gift industry, metal key rings remain a very popular choice and the range is constantly evolving to provide something different for the marketing departments and ensure the all-important budget is used to the maximum effect. The client has plenty of choice when considering a metal key ring and there is a reasonable price range allowing some really well priced options or at the other end of the spectrum some more expensive versions that will really stand out. In terms of material finishes in the metal key ring range, there are the appealing all metal options that sometimes use a polished and matt 2-tone finish to provide detail and design and make the key ring that you have chosen stand out from the others. It would be strongly advised to engrave these products, guaranteeing a permanent reminder of your logo or branding. Printing is possible onto metal key rings, and techniques and inks are constantly evolving which would allow these to “stick” exceptionally well and on any other product would provide a lasting branding. However when considering that your metal key ring will be used along with metal keys and bundled into pockets, bags or drawers, there is bound to be metal on metal contact, which will cause unavoidable chipping to the print. Leather and metal key rings are other popular choices and there are multiple designs in this business gift product area. Should printing be required onto this type of promotional item, there are plenty of other options to be considered. Several metal key rings can be stamped directly into the metal and have the enamel colour infilled usually in up to 4 spot colours. This can be a great way to use this type of key ring to introduce your brands colours. An example of this is the large arch stainless steel key ring. Another variation on this uses modern printing techniques where digital printing can reproduce logos in full colour process and on certain metal key rings, these can then have a protective resin dome (often referred to as epoxy) – which gives a great finish and will ensure that the branding is safe from those sharp metal objects the key ring comes into contact with. Certain metal key ring choices have a dual use, and due to the hard wearing properties of the materials they are produced in, a popular secondary use is a bottle opener. Should you be considering a purchasing a metal key ring as a business gift idea, contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team now on 0114 2754150 who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of business and promotional gifts. Call now.]]>