#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek takes place in May each year to support better mental health. Once a taboo topic, mental wellbeing is becoming more widely talked about and acknowledged. Many companies small and large are taking mental health more seriously and are actively trying to promote wellness amongst their team.

Encouraging staff to switch off from their work and take their full lunch break is a good starting point, flexible working, providing healthy snacks, and discounting gym memberships or providing exercise classes inhouse are all ways to support a healthy work lifestyle. Another way to show your team they are valued and aid mental wellbeing is to gift a ‘wellness gift pack’ with branded items that can help to relieve stress.  We have gathered a few ideas below which could form part or all of a wellness pack.

Carat Goody Bag For Their Staff ¹

Wellness Pack – Branded Gift Ideas

Promotional Seeds and Plants

Branded Seedball Matchbox

Nature is proven to be an instant stress reliever. The act of growing a plant or flower is in itself an exercise of mindfulness. And, by having a connection with nature, mental wellbeing can be improved. Mailable seed packets, seed sticks, pots or even notebooks or seed pencils can be personalised with your own brands marketing message.

Branded Fidget Toys

Branded Fidget Cube

Proven to relieve stress and keep the mind and body relaxed, branded fidget items would be a great addition to a wellness pack. Fidget spinners, fidget cubes and bubble poppers can all be branded with your logo and marketing message. Check out our blog where we review these products.

Branded Games and Puzzles

Branded jigsaw

Focusing on something like a puzzle or a game can help to take your mind off things and give a brief moment of mindfulness. Rubik Cubes, puzzle trays and jigsaws can be customised to match your branding.

Colouring Sets

Doodle Book

Colouring and doodling is also a great way to unwind and clear the mind and isn’t just for children! In fact, in recent years colouring has become a popular stress relieving activity. We can brand doodle colouring notebooks which include lined paper, (great for those in the office!) colouring sets and notepads with crayons.

Activity and Sporting Branded Items

BT Smart Watch

Gentle physical exercise is known to help with mental health by releasing ‘feel-good’ hormones. Branded activity trackers and promotional Bluetooth watches are of high perceived value and will more than likely be gratefully received by your staff. You could even gift a branded flying disc or football and encourage a team game.

Branded Music Items

Branded Wheatstraw SpeakerListening to music can help switch off mentally and relax the mind. Branded earbuds, headphones and Bluetooth Speakers are ideal audio items that could be incorporated into your wellness pack.

Branded Stress Items


Branded Stress Toy

Not forgetting the humble branded stress item! They come in all shapes and sizes, from simple balls right through to vehicles, characters, games and even custom made shapes to suit your brand and what your business does.


Whether you want to send out a mental health wellness gift pack to your team at home, or give it to them in person, we can help you choose the perfect solution.

Branded Gift Boxes

Gift boxes can be fully customised with your branding with tailormade inserts to fit your chosen branded products. If you are wanting a more budget friendly option, plain unbranded gift boxes can be supplied with a logo sticker. From large letter size packaging through to large boxes, there is a massive range of packaging available. Ask one of our team to discover all the gift packing options we can supply you with.

Branded Bags

Instead of a box, you may want to opt for a branded bag instead. That way your team will also receive another useful item! Whether it be a rucksack, drawstring or shopper – there are lots of branded options.

Berks County Suicide Prevention Task Force Wellness Bag ²

To read more about Mental Health Awareness Week and further techniques and ways to support your staff visit Mentalhealth.org.

If you would like any further information about the above branded products or would like us to chat through any ideas, please email us or call on 0114 275 4150.

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Please note this blog was updated from original post in May 2019.

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