Do you: Delve directly to the centre? This kind of crème egg lover is the type of person who tries to see right into the heart of the campaign. The details can often become lost as they search out what it is that they really want to achieve. People with this approach are perfectly placed for keeping a campaign focused on achieving its aims but can sometimes overlook the process. Steel City Marketing suggests… For clients of this mentality we recommend that you note down your end goals to discuss with one of our experienced sales staff. We will then get behind these goals and offer you some practical suggestions to get there. You might be able to see the bigger picture, but we can show the way to get there. Meticulously consume the chocolate coating first? If this is you, you are likely to be the type of person who likes to make a plan for a plan. List making may have become a semi hobby and you never forget that the devil is in the details. These types of planners are great for keeping a promotional campaign moving, but they can sometimes lose track of the larger aims. Steel City Marketing suggests… Try and sit down away from your many lists and restrict yourself to three bullet points which sum up the aims of your campaign. We will help you sift through your seemingly never ending to – do list and ensure that the details do not negate the end result. Devour it all in one? Do you dive into things head first? Do you get frustrated that Rome wasn’t built in a day? This type of person is likely to want get their hands dirty and get everything done yesterday. These individuals are great for keeping a promotional campaign moving. They hate distraction and like results, however, their pursuit of the finish line can often mean the project does not reach its full potential. Steel City Marketing suggests… Give us a bell and we will do the hard work for you. We can source whatever products you need to speed the campaign along and we also have a range of UK manufacturers which offer super-fast lead times. This Easter we have launched our own special range of branded Easter eggs; perfect for satisfying the sweet tooth of employees and clients alike.]]>