One of the best-known executive business gifts of recent years has been the magnetic puzzle globe. A product that remains a best selling item, whether it be as a Christmas gift or a all year round promotional gift or incentive, the metal jigsaw puzzle continues to tease the recipients as well as providing excellent advertising for your company. The main part of the magnetic puzzle globe is a 7.5cm globe and is made up of a 72-piece puzzle where each piece can be set onto the globe and will stick magnetically whilst the entire puzzle is put together. The globe can be placed on the 4.5cm solid metal base, giving the executive appearance of the product when not in use. As a top quality high-end business gift, the magnetic puzzle globe can be engraved to the base, ensuring that your brand will be remembered, spotted and talked about for a considerable time to come. The magnetic puzzle globe can be used as a fantastic paperweight or would sit brilliantly on its own. Given the appearance, quality and branding possibilities of this product, you would have thought that the magnetic puzzle globe would be priced out of most budgets, but that is not the case and it should certainly be something that it would a good idea to price up and check out. Should you be considering a purchase of a executive business gift, contact a member of the sales team now, to discuss prices and arrange visuals.]]>