One of the hardest tasks for any marketing department these days is getting their audiences attention and keeping it for as long as possible. The challenge is equally hard if not harder within the specific area of promotional and business gifts. Magic Cubes are a great idea that have proved over the years that they achieve the impressions required of a gift or giveaway item, provide great branding possibilities and give the recipient something to entertain and remember you by. The original member of the magic cubes family is the 7cm promotional cube. Due to the production process, there is a minimum quantity of 500 units. The lead-time can be chosen to either benefit from a lower price point (around 6 – 8 weeks) or if you pay a premium, delivery can be reduced to around 4 weeks. There is a initial set up cost, but this is a complex product, producing fantastic final results, so is a small price to pay to get the branding wow factor. The popularity of a product invariably leads to demands for newer models, variations, add-ons, and this has been the case for magic cubes. There are now quite a few models to choose from and these provide that something new as well as different ways to bamboozle the recipient. Add ons to the promotional magic cube include having music, a secret compartment or a magnet (for paperclips etc). These are quite innovative ways of giving the item a desktop feature or a value added idea. Magic Diamond: A great addition to the magic cubes family. With more visible faces than the promotional magic cube for the same price, this is a ideal choice of anyone looking to brand an item with a good deal of information. Magic Orbit: A puck or disc shaped magic cube, this shows a new way of manipulating allowing good full colour branding to get your message across. Magic Prism: Sometimes referred to as the triangle. Playing with this version of the magic cubes range allows you to create quite a few different shapes that most people wouldn’t . Although a long lead-time product, the results once you have your set of finished magic cubes are truly stunning. It is a product that provides that something different and to magic cubes in more detail, contact the sales team now.]]>