Promotional Gifts are continuing to gain a high level of interest and exposure. For the many campaigns and initiatives that we hear about outlining our impact on the climate and the environment, it only makes sense to use ways of advertising that don’t then have a negative impact. Over the next week, each of the blog entries will focus on one of the great offers we have put together in the Eco product area. The first one will be the Jute bags. It is estimated that in the UK we use 13 billion plastic bags per year. That is over 200 per person, man, woman and child. This is obviously too many and only a few get recycled. Many councils are now looking to promote the use of reusable bags, Jute being one of several options available. Supermarkets and large retail outlets are also using the trend to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags they purchase and give out and have made a concerted effort to encourage the reusing of bags. There are many different sizes, shapes and styles making this a very versatile product. Bags can be used not only for the supermarket or high street shopping trips but additional everyday use such as trips to the gym and a day trip. Jute bags can be used to gather, collect and then transport items to the recycling facility.  The Basic Jute bag has flat handles for carrying and comes in the traditional biscuit colour. The Everyday Jute shopper is the next bag up in the range and this comes with a cotton webbing over a rope handle, which not only improves the look of the product but also the comfort when carrying. Larger bags are also available which then open up the flexibility for a number of uses and these are the Large Jute Bag and the Multipurpose Jute bag. Both have larger capacities made possible by the reinforced base and wider gusset. The branding area on a Jute bag is fantastic and this can be to one or 2 sides allowing maximum exposure of the logo and a reinforcement of the brand you are promoting. Reusable is the buzzword and anything reusable that carries your advert will be something that works for you for a long time to come. With an offer of 10% extra free on a selected range of Jute Bags over February and March 2009, please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150 to get a fantastic promotional item working for you.]]>