Each month one of the team will be bringing you their top three products for that month. For April it’s Jenni’s turn…

Hi, my name is Jenni Burton and I am the Marketing Executive here at Steel City.  I have been with Steel City for 6 months now and wow has that time flown! I have the pleasure of writing these blogs, e-shots as well as the social media, organising events and sending out direct mail to name a few of my roles! I am really loving being part of the Steel City team and I hope you are enjoying what you see and hear from us.


Jenni’s Q & A

What are your hobbies/interests?:
I recently got married and moved house so Pinterest is my new best friend…I like making things, interior/fashion design, anything vintage, cooking, walking, cycling and…dancing!

What do you like about working at Steel City?
I get to be creative, have fun and work with lovely people in an amazing office.

Something no one knows about you or a guilty pleasure:
My claim to fame is that I danced on stage with Boyzone at the Sheffield Arena! I may have been 10 years old but it still remains on my CV!



 Jenni’s Top 3 Product Picks for April…

1.  Ultralight Foldable Backpack

Although a bit of a fair weather cyclist, I do like to get my bike out on a morning and cycle to work…(if you are in the Sheffield area and see a bright pink jacket and a thick head of hair it is probably me!).  Anything lightweight to help me up the hills always comes in handy.  So my top promotional product is this new ultralight foldable backpack. A very useful item for anyone who enjoys sport, brings lunch to work, has children or it could even be an alternative for a shopping bag to avoid the carrier bag charge.

Ultralight Foldable Backpack

2. Magic Concepts Card

Here is a product where you can really get creative and showcase your company in an interactive, visual way. Not only will you get your campaign in front of your customers in a new, fun way, the Magic Concepts card can fit into a DL envelope meaning costs are kept to a minimum.  See me using it on our YouTube channel here.

Magic Concepts Card

3. PVC Coaster

We recently got some of these PVC coasters made for our new office. What is really exciting about this promotional coaster is that you can have a bespoke shape made to suit your brand.  As you can see, we had them made in the Steel City icon shape and are really happy with how they turned out! They are bright, bold, non-slip and make a great impact on any desk, plus who doesn’t need a coaster? Especially when you get through as many teas and coffees as we do in the office! On that note, there is still time to get involved with our Tea Champion campaign! Find out more here.

PVC Coaster

If you want any more information on these or similar promotional products and would like us to create some visuals using your brand logo, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]